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Husband | Father | Author | Associate Real Estate Broker, CSSPE
| Valley-wide 23 years | Soccer Coach

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Your Credit and Changes to Credit

IMPROVING YOUR CREDIT AND CREDIT CHANGESMonitoring your credit report and credit rating is important, especially if you’re considering purchasing a home. Here are some tips for improving your

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Options Other Than Granite

Is Granite still the king of counter-tops?Is it valid? Could stone's 30-year rule be arriving at an end? We can't state without a doubt. Truth be told, we think stone remains a strong decision. All

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Considerations With A Fixer-Upper

We’ve all watched the HGTV programs that show a run-down old house transforming into a dream home. Tackling a big renovation project on an outdated property can indeed pay off big—both

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Bathrooms can be the most difficult places in our homes to keep clean. However, with a few clever changes and upgrades, it can be much easier to clean and maintain your bathroom.No-Touch Faucets:

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